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On your behalf, ERC assumes many administrative responsibilities of employment including:
  • Payment of wages
  • Payment of federal, state, and local payroll taxes
  • Providing and administering employee benefits
  • Providing Workers' Compensation coverage
  • Providing claims handling and administration
On your behalf, we manage all these responsibilities as a complete, integrated, professionally managed employer services package.

You retain responsibility for:

  • Compliance with federal, state, and local contracting provisions
  • Compliance with federal liability, licensing, and fidelity bonding requirements
  • Supervision, direction, and training of employees
  • Compliance with regulations applicable to the operations of your business
  • Verification of Workers' compensation for subcontractors
  • Compliance with OSHA rules and regulations at the worksite
  • Implementation of laws and regulations governing the employer-employee relationship
  • Selection of fringe-benefits

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